Geography explains the past, illuminates the present and prepares us for the future. What could be more important than that?
Sir Michael Palin

Curriculum Overview

Geography curriculum map

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Curriculum Intent

Geography is the subject that bridges the gap between humans and the natural world. From how people develop a small town into a large metropolis, how river processes over thousands of years create a waterfall or how a coastal cliff collapses and changes the coastline forever. Through geography we study the interactions of all these aspects of the world.

The County High School Geography curriculum aims to develop students' skills to enable them to make the links between the natural world and the human world more easily and independently over time. Students study topics that allow them to grow in their appreciation of the natural world and to see the how humans use and alter the environment to suit their needs.

Students will see how everything in the world around them, in the media, their own lives, locally and globally, is linked to the Geography that they study. The importance, strength, and fragility, of the world around them will become clear and their understanding and curiosity of it piqued for life.