School Council

At The County High School, Leftwich, we value the student voice and see it as an important means of communication between staff and students. We believe that valuing the student voice helps contribute towards Citizenship education, allowing students to become involved in school life and develop their awareness of how to make important decisions that will affect their community.

Each year group has a Year Council. This is made up of two Form Representatives across the seven forms. The School Council members were voted in by their year group after presenting their vision for the role in a speech to their peers. Two members were selected from each year group to make up the School Council. Both the Year and School Council meet on a half-termly basis. Discussions within the School Council meetings are primarily created from the suggestions that are raised from the Year Council meetings. The School Council will aim to act on issues relating to the school community and students' learning.

So far this year, the School Council have discussed promoting positive mental health, anti bullying and enrichment opportunities within the school. They have acted on student voice with improvements to the toilets and canteen arrangements.

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