Results Celebration 2021, 12th August 2021

Year 11 students at The County High School Leftwich have received excellent results, which demonstrate they have developed their knowledge and skills, their character and their creativity and imagination, during their five years at the school.

Mr Snelson, Principal commented:

“Our remarkable Year 11 students fully deserve the remarkable success they have worked so hard to achieve.

They have shown over the last 18 months, in particular, how dedicated they are to their studies and what focussed and mature young adults they are.

They were the first year group back in school following the first lockdown showing resilience and great determination in embracing the opportunities presented to them.

They then needed to understand and work hard to achieve success within a new assessment system following the second lockdown. I look forward to seeing the class of 2021 thrive and flourish in all they do next as I know they are fully prepared for their next steps. We are all very proud of them and their achievements.”

Mrs Massey, Chair of Governors commented:

“Our Year 11 students, their families and our entire school community should be very proud of everything they have achieved during their five years at The County High School Leftwich. Their well-earned results will help them to progress, with confidence, onto the next phase of their lives and we wish them well. I’d also like to thank all the teachers and support staff at The County High School Leftwich who have worked so hard to enable these students to achieve success.”

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