The County High School, Leftwich 'Explorers'

Leftwich ‘Explorers’ will aim to support a selection of your Year 6 students to not only work towards developing their knowledge and understanding of English and Maths, but to also explore ideas and concepts in greater depth.

Our intervention offer is open exclusively to our feeder Primary Schools, whose Year 6 students will progress to The County High School, Leftwich. Leftwich ‘Explorers’ will run in 5 week blocks from 4.00pm – 5.00pm each Tuesday. Across the 6 half terms of the year, classes of approximately 27 students will alternate between those supporting students working towards national standards, and those working at greater depth. Dedicated, specialist English and Maths staff will deliver each session, encompassing the use of a range of exciting and innovative equipment and resources.

English Overview
Students will become a 'News Team' and will discover what it means to be a journalist, developing a topical story and delivering a live report using our ‘green screen’ technology. Through this project, students will engage in learning which utilises and enhances their spelling, punctuation, grammar and comprehension skills, adapted according to their ability.

Maths Overview
Using a range of tools including models and manipulatives, the understanding of arithmetic, proportional reasoning, and geometry will be developed, leading to improved confidence in ability, enthusiasm for Mathematics and pride in their achievements. Greater depth will focus on developing students' fluency and reasoning, enabling them to forge connections across all disciplines of Mathematics. Encouraging students to talk mathematically with each other and support each other, so that they can tackle unfamiliar problems with confidence and excitement.

The schedule for this year is as follows:

1.  Greater Depth  21/9/21 - 19/10/21 
2.  Working Towards  9/11/21 - 7/12/21  
3.  Greater Depth   11/1/22 - 8/2/22  
4.  Working Towards   1/3/22 - 29/3/22  
5.  Greater Depth   26/4/22 - 24/5/22  
6.  Working Towards  14/6/22 - 12/7/22