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The County High School, Leftwich is part of the Sir John Brunner Foundation.

As an autonomous learning community, the CHSL Governing Body recognises the additional responsibilities independence as a Converter Academy brings. Governors also acknowledge independence is important for innovation, improvement and the raising of standards. This empowers the Academy's leadership to make the right decisions for our students, staff and wider community, recognising that autonomy and accountability go hand in hand.

Accordingly, the Governing Body understands its role is to deal with the strategic direction of the Academy and to hold leadership and management to account. Therefore, it involves:

  • being accountable for the Academy's results, ensuring continuous improvement and knowing students and staff are safe and happy;

  • being a critical friend to the leadership, holding the operation of the Academy to account;

  • representing the Academy, instrumental in forming constructive relationships with the leadership, staff, students, parents and in the wider community to raise the Academy's profile and to promote community cohesion;

  • being committed, able to contribute a particular skill set, being prepared to undertake regular training to keep up-to-date with developments and avoiding conflicts of interest.

  • Chair

    Mrs Alison Massey


    Mr Graham Scott

    The Principal (permanent)

    Mr Matthew Snelson

    Staff Term of office expires
    Mrs Mandy Pimlatt 01.09.2023
    Mrs Jo Curry 01.09.2023


    Parent Governors Term of office expires
    Mrs Joanne Flower 01.09.2023
    Mr Nick Welch 24.11.2023


    Co-opted Governors Term of office expires
    Mr Martin Wren 01.09.2023
    Mrs Wendy Batey-Gray 01.09.2023
    Mr Philip Hilditch 01.09.2023
    Mrs Jaqueline Whitby 01.10.2023
    Mrs Beverley Penter 01.09.2023