Year 9 Electives Process

Please note all the information below describes the process for the academic year 2018-19.
The 2019-20 electives process will be launched in March 2020.

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One of the most important aspects of Year 9 for our students is their selection of subjects ('Electives') to study at Key Stage 4. This year we will formally start the process on Monday 4th March.

To help students (and their parents/carers) to successfully make these important decisions, the Academy will provide an extensive programme of information, advice and guidance. The purpose of this letter is to give an outline of the Spring Term programme and, in particular, to invite parents to a very important Year 9 Information Evening:

  • The Academy's annual Consultation Day (Friday 25th January) will provide an opportunity for some initial consideration of choices with your child's Tutor as part of the wider conversation about their current and future progress.

  • Year 9 students will be presented with the courses available at a special Year 9 Electives Presentation on Monday 4th March. At this event they will also receive their Key Stage 4 Course Booklets, which provide information on the courses available and the choices to be made. At this time, students will also receive their Electives Forms on which to make their choices.

  • On Tuesday 5th March (beginning at 6.30pm) there will be an Electives Evening for Year 9 parents/carers. Along with an overview of the Key Stage 4 Curriculum, there will be an opportunity to meet Subject Leaders and to ask questions about their subjects. As your child will be briefed by teachers in school, students do not need to attend this evening. The Year 9 Learning Leader (Mr Jeffrey) and the Learning Leader for Learning Support (Miss Ashford) will also be available to answer any questions that may arise.

  • Throughout this term, information and guidance will be provided regarding Key Stage 4 courses for your child in lessons. At the end of January, students will also complete ST2 Exams in some elective subjects, which will be reported home in their ST2 Electives Reports. The results of these exams should inform their Electives decisions. In March, Year 9 students will also have Tutor Interviews where they will have an opportunity to discuss their choices with their Tutor.

  • On Monday 18th March there is an optional opportunity for parents/carers and students to meet with subject leaders of Electives subjects' should you require further, specialist guidance.

  • The completed Electives Form will need to be returned on Monday 25th March.

  • In June/July, Year 9 students will have an Electives Interview where their Key Stage 4 courses to begin in September 2019 will be confirmed.

  • Throughout this process, it is important to emphasise that help and advice will always be available from your child's Tutor, Mr Jeffrey or Mr Carter.