Science - Year 7

Overview of the year:

In Year 7 students have 6 lessons of Science a fortnight. Students are taught in mixed ability tutor groups. Students will study topics in Biology, Chemistry and Physics which build the foundations towards GCSE Science. They will complete 2 exam windows during the year. Students are expected to bring to each lesson a pen, pencil, ruler and scientific calculator.

Topic  Overview  Assessment 
Working Scientifically  
Students will learn important Scientific skills such as lab safety, hazard symbols and the use of basic lab equipment. They will also develop method writing, graph drawing and data interpretation skills. 
ST1 will assess Working Scientifically Skills.

ALL topics (except for B3) will be assessed in an end of Year 7 exam, which will take place in the ST2 examination window.  
B1 - Cells  
Students will develop observation skills using microscopes to look at cell structure. They will explore the organisation of structures within living things and learn about life processes.  
B2 - Reproduction  
Students will learn about fertilisation and reproduction in plants and animals. They will discover the changes that the body undergoes during puberty and explore pregnancy and birth.  
B3 - Food and Digestion  
Students will discuss what balanced diets are and describe how the body digests the food we eat.  
C1 - Particles  
Students will learn about health and safety in the laboratory and begin to develop essential practical skills, such as using a Bunsen burner correctly. They will learn about different states of matter (solids, liquids and gases) and how particles behave.  
C2 - Acids & Alkalis  
Students will complete a range of practical tasks in this topic to recognise common acids and alkalis, identify the pH of various chemicals and observe neutralisation. They will also learn about burning (combustion) and fire safety.  
P1 - Forces  
Students will learn about examples of different forces and the effects of forces on motion. They will be required to carry out various calculations in this topic, so a calculator is essential.  
P2 - Energy  
Students will learn about different types of energy stores and how energy is transferred from one form into another. They will then focus on how heat is transferred by conduction, convection and radiation.  

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