We believe that there is a body of knowledge which is worth knowing and a set of "How Science Works" skills which are worth having. Our aim is to develop both of these in all our students in so far as each individual is capable. In this way they can achieve a greater understanding of the world around them, thereby becoming more capable of making balanced decisions in life. It is hoped that students will wish to continue studying Science and in a number of cases this will lead to employment which directly utilises the skills and knowledge attained.

In order to achieve the department's aims a variety of approaches to learning are used: practicals/demonstrations, teacher explanation, question, answering, video materials, research, computer simulations, discussions and role play.

Science Department
Miss C Thomas - Learning Leader
Mrs R Jones - Key Stage 3 Lead
Mr M Mitchell - Progress and Intervention Coordinator
Mr A Carter - (Assistant Principal)
Mrs A Hunt
Mr B Jeffrey
Mr M Keenan (Vice Principal)
Mrs R Stevenson

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