Physical Education - Year 7

The PE curriculum is intended to ensure progression for every student. Each student will be expected to develop an improved skill set for each activity as they progress through the unit. Where a particular sport or activity forms part of the curriculum in consecutive years the expectation would be that each student makes further progress each time they complete that unit.

Students are offered a varied curriculum including both individual and team activities.

2 hours per week.

Topic  Overview  Assessment 
Invasion Games 
In all of the invasion games there will be a strong focus on spatial awareness.

Association Football - students will learn the core skills of passing, tackling, dribbling, shooting, ball control.

Basketball - students will learn the core skills of passing, dribbling, shooting and defending one on one.

Hockey - students will learn the core skills of push passing, dribbling, shooting and defending one on one.

Netball - students will learn the core skills of passing, footwork, and defending.

Rugby Union - students will learn the core skills of passing, tackling, evasion skills, one on one rucking skills.  
At the end of each block of lessons for any given sport, students will be assessed using GCSE criteria for Physical Education. Students will be given a score out of 25 at the end of every unit based upon performance, knowledge and understanding within that activity.
Students are also required to reflect on their learning, and suggest ways to make better progress, recording this in their progress sheets. Both processes inform students of their progress, and creates a dialogue between themselves and staff as to what is needed to improve.

Students will also cover elements of theory within the lessons taught, which will be tested on three different occasions in the year.

Areas covered within Year 7 include:

Psychology Introduction to Goal Setting and the SMART principles, through applying within cross country running.

Anatomy Muscles used in sporting activity.

Training Components of fitness and fitness testing.

Safety Warm up and cool down

This will have a 10% weighting towards their overall grade.  
Striking Games 
Cricket a strong focus is on throwing and catching skills both underarm and overarm, the use of long barriers when fielding and an introduction to bowling and batting.

Rounders Fielding and batting skills.  
Net, Wall and Target Games  
In both activities there will be a lot of time placed upon ensuring students are moving to get in the correct position to play the shot effectively.

Tennis students will learn the basic ground strokes of the game, volleying and serving technique.

Table Tennis introduction to table tennis through push serves and forehand and backhand shots.
Gymnastic Activities  
Gymnastics Balances, travelling using different body parts, rolls and vaulting. Flight and basic shapes to link on to Year 8 Trampolining unit.

Athletic Activities  
Cross-Country Running Completing a one and half mile route.

Track and Field Athletics covering all of the main Athletic events.

Fitness Students will be fitness tested through different forms of testing.  
Outdoor and Adventurous Activities  
Orienteering Basics of map reading, orientating the map, grid references, pacing and compass work.  
Dance Activities  
Dance warming up. Dance appreciation; looking at Dance from other Cultures. Students learn set phrases to replicate and are provided with skills and methods in Composition.  

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