Music - Year 9

In Year 9 students have one lesson of Music a week. Students are taught in mixed ability Tutor Groups. Students will be completing 5 different projects, each with an assessment task linked to it. As we move through the year, students are introduced to a more GCSE-style way of working, and will actually complete some of the content from the OCR GCSE Music specification. Each project visits all 3 of the assessment objectives of Listening, Composing and Performing; and each project has a particular area of focus. Students are encouraged to work independently from the teacher as much as possible.

Topic  Overview  Assessment 
Students will listen to and critically appreciate "Toccata and Fugue in D Minor" by Bach and will compose their own 21st Century version of the piece using samples, mixing organ/orchestral and other sounds, using Mixcraft software. 
Students will manipulate chosen samples, combining it with sounds on Mixcraft and adjust volume, panning and EQ to refine their remix.

(Area of focus Composing / Listening)

ST1 listening test  
In At The Deep End 
An independent learning project where groups of students research, musically criticize, rehearse and perform a song, chosen from a list of 4. There is minimal input from the teacher throughout; encouraging students to collaborate together, fostering "stickability." 
Students will rehearse and perform a given part of a chosen song, appraising and refining as part of a group.

(Area of focus Performing / Listening)  
Students will experience of being "film soundtrack composers" and will explore the challenges and musical devices used in film soundtrack composition. The unit focuses on two genres of film soundtrack: Action/Thriller Soundtracks, 'Western' Soundtracks. 
Compose a piece of Music using keyboards which fits with and enhances a 30 second long clip from the film "The Good, The Bad and the Ugly".

Area of focus Listening / Composing)  
Students will compose a song, working independently to create, rework and refine ideas and practise in order to make a recording of the final product. 
Students will compose a song, having studied relevant elements.

(Area of focus Composing)  
Students will understand the concept of a leitmotif and be able to explain how Leitmotifs work in various musical examples. They will then compose and perform contrasting (good vs evil) leitmotifs, arrange leitmotifs to vary emotional effect and perform their compositions.  
Students will compose a piece of music which uses Leitmotif to represent either good or evil.

(Area of study Composing)

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