Music - Year 8

In Year 8 students have one lesson of Music a week. Students are taught in mixed ability Tutor Groups. Students will be completing 5 different projects, each with an assessment task linked to it. Each project is practically based and is designed to develop skills in performance, composition, and group collaboration. Each project visits all 3 of the assessment objectives of Listening, Composing and Performing; and each project has a particular area of focus. Students are encouraged to work independently from the teacher as much as possible.

Topic  Overview  Assessment 
We Will Rock You 
Students will look at 3 different versions of this song and be able to analyse the similarities and differences between them. They will then produce their own version of this song in groups. 
Students will create a "cover version" of the song in "Bands".

(Area of Focus – composing / performing)  
Spooky Music 
Students will listen to and appreciate the musical conventions used in the soundtracks to horror films and will perform clichés in this style. They will compose their own introductory music to a horror film. 
Students will manipulate and experiment with different sounds and sound sources to describe different "spooky" symbols and images. They will record, appraise and refine their ideas into a finished product.

(Area of focus – Listening / Composing)  
Indian Music 
Students will explore the music of India, considering the characteristic rhythms melodies and features through composition and performance exercises  
Students will combine all the elements and sections of an Indian piece of music into one performance with clear moods, tempo and a sense of form and structure. They will then transform their music into a Bhagra song, using music technology.

(Area of focus – Listening / Performing /Composing)  
Film/Computer Game Music 
Students will apply knowledge and skills learned in Year 7 to appreciate, make judgements about and create music which can be used as a soundtrack to a computer game. 
Students will use "mixcraft" software to create a soundtrack which enhances footage of a computer game.

(Area of focus – Composing)

ST2 Listening test  
Composing to a Brief  
Students will respond to one of a number of briefs given to them. These will include: a note-pattern, a poem, a picture, a rhythm, a narrative passage, a short video clip. They will then have 6 weeks to work on a piece of music which is generated as a response to one of these stimuli. During this time they will keep a composing log and will have some responsibility for organisation of their own time and resources. 
Students will work independently on a brief of their choice to create a piece of music based around it. They will also keep a composing log which will form part of the assessment.

(Area of focus – Composing)

ST3 Listening test  

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