Music - Year 7

In Year 7 students have one lesson of Music a week. Students are taught in mixed ability Tutor Groups. Students will be completing 5 different projects, each with an assessment task linked to it. Each project is practically based and is designed to develop skills in performance, composition, and group collaboration. Each project visits all 3 of the assessment objectives of Listening, Composing and Performing; and each project has a particular area of focus. Students are encouraged to work independently from the teacher as much as possible.

Topic  Overview  Assessment 
Introduction to Film Music 
Students will discover how film music composers use the orchestra and/or technology to create musical clichés and conventions. They will learn how to manipulate sounds to enhance moving images.  
Students will compose a piece of music using keyboards which fits with and enhances a 30 second long clip from the film "Skyfall"

(Area of focus – Composing)

ST1 Listening test  
Rock and Roll 
Students will learn about the origins of Rock 'n' Roll and its characteristic features, including bass lines, chords and the twelve-bar blues as a basis upon which many Rock 'n' Roll songs are constructed. They will learn about the construction of triads and will take part in an ensemble performance of "Rock Around the Clock" before composing their own Rock 'n' Roll songs.  
Students will compose a Rock n Roll song using features learned throughout the unit, including how to utilise a song structure.

(Area of focus – Composing)  
Night Music 
Students will explore the ways in which different musical traditions have used music to describe aspects of the night. They will look at musical styles such as the nocturne and programme music, and a range of expressive musical devices.  
Students will compose a lullaby using given lyrics and basing melodies on the pentatonic scale.

(Area of focus – Composing)

ST2 Listening test  
Music and Space 
Students will learn about the use and manipulation of dynamics including gradations of dynamics and the use of crescendo, performing a theme from "Jupiter" and listening to other movements from Holst's Planet Suite.  
Students will either use Mixcraft or a more traditional route of using classroom sound sources to compose a class "Planets Suite", both of which build on skills and concepts learned about during the unit.

(Areas of focus – Composing and Performing)
An extended project in which students will research and present findings about Samba and Latin American "carnavals" and will rehearse and perform some instrumental, rhythmic samba music, both in small groups and as a whole class. 
Students will perform as part of a samba band and create a "carnival", having researched Latin American festivals.

(Area of focus – Listening / Performing)

ST3 Listening test  

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