Music - Year 11

In Year 11, we continue to study the OCR GCSE Music specification J536. The qualification is made up of 60% Performing and Composing and 40% Listening exam. Performing and Composing are teacher-assessed and then externally moderated, whilst Listening is assessed through a terminal exam. Students have 5 lessons over a fortnight, one double and one triple lesson.
All elements of the course are, to an extent, taught holistically through projects. It is helpful, but not essential, for students who study GCSE Music to have separate tuition on their chosen instrument.

Topic  Overview  Assessment 
Composing to a brief 
Students will build on the tools and techniques learned in Year 10 order to write another composition which is a response to a board-set brief. Their response must be linked to one of the 5 areas of study and use a given musical stimulus. 
Students compose one piece of music which links to one of the five areas of study and uses one given stimulus. This composition is internally assessed and externally moderated. The total length of compositions in years 10 and 11 must be minimum of 3 minutes in duration otherwise the candidate will be awarded 0 marks.

Performing Skills 
Students will build on the tools and techniques they will need in order to perform successfully. Lots of work is done on choosing appropriate music to meet the exam criteria and on self and peer- assessment of individual and group performances. 
Students need to record individual performance and ensemble performance. The recordings must be made in year 11. The total length of performance must be minimum of 4 minutes in duration otherwise the candidate will be awarded 0 marks.  
Revision begins early in Year 11 and takes many forms, including group presentations, games, DVDs, visits to see live music. We will revisit all of the 5 areas of study Pop Music, World Music, the concerto, film music and my music and further refine and improve listening skills.  
Weekly practice listening questions. Past exam papers. Terminal listening exam in June.

Listening is assessed at each ST exam by means of an OCR endorsed past listening paper.  

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