Languages (Spanish) - Year 7

The Modern Languages Department recognises that our new starters in Year 7 come to us with a wide variety of experiences of languages, therefore we start with a "transition unit" in Spanish to enable all students to consolidate the work they may have completed in Primary school. It is important that their MFL provision in Year 7 is as enjoyable as possible, whilst retaining the rigour necessary to prepare students for their learning journey ahead. Year 7 students study Spanish for 2 hours each per week. STUDIO 1! is the principal textbook used.

Students will build up their knowledge and memory of a "core vocabulary". This will enable them to express themselves in a wide variety of topics. Year 7 students have 2 Student Tracking exam windows during the year. In Spanish they are used to assess the students' progress in the skills of Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing. Following the exams, students are given back their papers and a copy of the listening transcript, so that their teacher can go through the paper with them, in order to help students understand what they need to do to improve.

Topic  Overview  Assessment 
Introductory unit - Mi vida
WALT: introduce ourselves, greet others and ask for and give some basic details about ourselves.
Extended paragraph on "myself". (Written Assessment)
Module 2 Mi tiempo libre
WALT: describe our free time preferences and to discuss likes and dislikes
Student Tracking 1
Tracking in listening, speaking, reading and writing. (Tracking Assessment)  
Module 3 Mi insti
WALT: describe our school and school routines / likes and dislikes
Extended paragraph on "school". (Written Assessment)  
Module 4 Mi familia y mis
WALT: describe our family, including descriptions.
Student Tracking 2
In listening, speaking, reading and writing. (Tracking Assessment)
Module 5 Mi cuidad
WALT: describe our town and to use a different tense in our work (the near future tense).
Extended paragraph on work covered in all areas of Y7. (Written Assessment)

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