The Modern Foreign Languages department is committed to delivering outstanding learning experiences for all students. In Modern Foreign Languages, students learn either French or Spanish from Year 7, mostly dependant on the Modern Foreign Language they may have studied at Primary School. Learning a language builds up students' resilience and self-confidence. Students are encouraged to develop an interest in and enjoyment of Languages, exploring skills in reading, writing, speaking and listening. Students learn to express themselves creatively and to communicate with others confidently.

Students learn individually, in pairs and in groups. Students are challenged to achieve the highest academic standards they can. They are supported by regular next-steps advice, which students are required to respond to. In addition, we aim to encourage students to be independent in their learning.

The MFL department aims to:

Enable students to read, write, speak, listen and translate in French and Spanish.

Develop students' abilities to express themselves effectively through writing, listening, speaking and reading.

Encourage students to speak confidently in a range of contexts and listen attentively in order to respond appropriately.

Languages Department
Mrs H Ratcliffe - Learning Leader
Miss L Barlow
Ms A Chew
Mrs S Cresswell
Mrs A Lamb
Mrs L Lemon
Mrs L Mason
Mr D Smith

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