Languages (French) - Year 11

In Year 11, students have 5 lessons per fortnight. They continue to follow the AQA specification which involves 100% examinations at the end of Year 11. These examinations will assess student's skills in Reading, Writing and Listening and there will be a separate examination day for Speaking. Each skill is worth 25%.

These exams can be entered at either Foundation or Higher level. Students will attempt at least one Listening, one Reading and one Writing paper during the course of Year 10. Students will also have a mock oral exam in December / January time of Year 11.

Grammar points to be learnt: reviewing the present, future and perfect tenses, the imperfect & conditional tenses, opinions, justifications & time references. Students must regularly revise all topic based vocabulary.

Topic  Overview  Assessment 
Students will learn to describe previous holidays, say what they want to do next year and describe a dream holiday.
Students will prepare for and complete a Writing Assessment (a 200-300 word essay) and a Speaking Assessment (presentation and discussion 5-6 minutes), both on the topic of holidays.
World of Work
Students will learn how to express what jobs they are interested in and explain why. Also, they will learn how to discuss the pros and cons of various jobs.
This topic provides an opportunity to complete a Writing and Speaking Assessment.  
Students will learn to discuss environmental problems facing the planet; climate change, endangered species, renewable energy and lifestyle choices.
At this stage of the course there will be a heavy emphasis on improving exam technique.  
Social Issues
High performing students will go on to study the higher level topics of homelessness and substance abuse
At this stage of the course there will be a heavy emphasis on improving exam technique.

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