Geography - Year 8

In Year 8 students have three Geography lessons a fortnight. Students will study a number of topics between each assessment window. Each topic area is designed to prepare the students for the GCSE syllabus that they will eventually study. Each topic studied will be assessed in the following Student Tracking assessment, building up the number of topics assessed each year in a linear fashion. In addition to this, students will have summative assessments throughout and are taught in mixed ability groups the year.

Topic  Overview  Assessment 
Students study what a Hazard is and how it can be defined before progressing to identifying the causes and effects of flooding on Humans and the Environment.

Students will study a Located Flood event in Britain, applying their understanding of causes and effects.

Students study responses to flood hazards before progressing to compare this located example to one in a Low Income Country (LIC) to compare the effects.  
The Risky Places Flooding topic will be assessed as part of a formal assessment in the ST1 exam window that is structured to familiarise the students with exam-style question grading and language.

Students develop their understanding of the interactions between people and their environments and how places can change over time.  
Weather and Climate 
Students will study the water cycle and different conditions that lead to rainfall. Students will study the different climates experienced in the British Isles. The effects of low and high pressure on the weather that we experience and the effects that this can have on Britain's population and the environment.  
The Weather topic will be assessed through a final presentation which draws together the areas focused on during the topic as a whole.

Students will be able to develop their competence in the environmental processes and the impact on human life.  
Tectonic Environments 
Students will be able to describe and explain the evidence for the Theory of Plate Tectonics. They will be able to describe the global distribution of earthquakes and volcanoes whilst linking them to plate margin types.

Students will look at the short-term and long-term effects of tectonic events and the responses to them.

Students will analyse how various countries, of differing economic development can plan and prepare for tectonic events.  
Tectonic Environments will be assessed as part of the linear ST2 Year 8 exam.

Demonstrate understanding of real world tectonic contexts and how locations can change over time due to geographical processes.  
Ecosystems Rainforests 
Students will learn to identify what an 'Ecosystem' is and their definition. They will then progress to develop an awareness of the main global Biomes and their distribution around the world.

Students will focus on studying the Tropical Rainforest Ecosystem and will complete, and interpret, climate graphs that focus on this particular Biome.

When focusing on the Rainforest students will learn to describe and explain the different rainforest layers and characteristics.

Plants and animals will be studied to show how they have adapted to their specific ecosystem environment.
Alongside in-class formative assessment the Ecosystems-Rainforests topic will be assessed in the ST2 exam window alongside Risky Places Flooding and Tectonic Environments.

Students study ecosystems to further develop their understanding between the links between environments and people as well as the geographical thinking.

Students continue to develop their understanding of different places, processes and the interrelationship between environment, people and processes.  
Students will study urbanisation in two contrasting environments, the UK and India. Students will be able to explain how towns and cities in the UK have developed over time into the cities we now know.

Students will study reasons for Rural- Urban migration and the effects that this has on people and the environment in which they live.

Students will compare their lives to the lives of people living in slums in India.
The Urbanisation topic will be assessed within the ST2 exam window, alongside the earlier Year 8 topics of study.  

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