The aim of the Geography department is to promote an interest in the world around us through the study of the earth's different features, locations and cultures.

Students study different elements of Geography that enable them to ask questions of the world, its people and environment and make links across these areas. A clear understanding of the aspects of Physical, Human and Environmental Geography prepares the students for life in our fast paced inter-connected world. Students will have the opportunity to work independently, in groups and use a range of skills to develop subject knowledge as well as vital life skills such as decision making, responsibility and team work.

In Years 9-11 students follow the AQA Geography (8035) specification syllabus. The AQA Geography syllabus is linear and does not have tiered exam entry.

In Year 11, approximately 12 weeks before they sit their Paper 3 exam, students will be issued with a Pre-Release booklet that details topics that the Paper 3 exam will be based upon. Classroom work will focus on this booklet to allow the students the opportunity to become familiar with the content matter and provide the best opportunity for success.

Geography Department
Mr S Burton - Learning Leader
Miss K Phillips - Second in Department, KS3 Co-ordinator
Miss V Roach

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