English - Year 7

The Year 7 course is aimed at building on the skills learnt in Key Stage 2 in an enjoyable and exciting way, making use of media and ICT. Students have 7 lessons per fortnight, and are taught in mixed ability groups. Exercise and text books will be provided, although students should always have a blue or black pen, a green pen, a pencil and a ruler. There are two Student Tracking exam windows when students will be tested on the different units of work which develop their skills in reading and writing. Students regularly peer and self-assess their work and must respond to EBI advice. They are encouraged to read independently each week and have visits to the library to try new fiction and learn research skills. Speaking and listening is a regular feature of classroom practice.

Topic  Overview  Assessment 
1.  Transition       Unit

2.  Extreme      Island
Students will continue with the 'Chester Zoo' project, begun during the primary to secondary transition phase, working to become 'Ultimate Explorers'. Students will explore persuasive writing and ways to organise and develop their ideas for effect. Their sentences, spelling and vocabulary will begin to develop accuracy, building on their knowledge from Year 6.

After being stranded on "The Island", students will explore a range of transactional and persuasive writing, beginning to organise and develop their ideas for effect. Their sentences, spelling and vocabulary will be more adventurous. Students will also explore non-fiction texts, beginning to make some critical judgements about how language can achieve effects.  

ST1 Language Exam: (30 minutes)
Transactional/Persuasive Writing
3.   Ghastly       Gothic

4.  Relationships      Poetry 
Students will explore a range of gothic fiction texts. They will begin to show understanding of a variety of extracts, including 'Dracula' and 'The Woman in Black'. Students will answer a series of structured questions based around these texts, demonstrating how they can begin to interact with the text. Students will develop their creative writing skills, showing some control and organisation, through writing their own gothic story.

Students will explore an anthology of poems, recognising the writer's use of language, form and structure. Students will begin to discuss obvious similarities/differences between poems. In their written responses they will begin to refer directly to the poems, make use of some subject terminology and begin to show some understanding of when and why the poems were written.  
ST1 Literature Exam: (30 minutes)

Extract Question

Application Task:
*Creative Writing (45 minutes)

ST2 Exam: (30 minutes)
Poetry Anthology


5.  Alien      Invasion 

6.  Shakespeare
Students will develop both reading and writing skills through exploring a variety of fiction and non-fiction texts linked to the theme of aliens. Students will identify implicit and explicit ideas and form straightforward opinions. Students will begin to develop their understanding of writing for a particular purpose and audience, using a range of sentence lengths, punctuation and subject specific vocabulary.

Students will explore a Shakespeare play and begin to focus on how language is used to create meaning and effect. They will complete a range of activities based on plot, character, themes and style. In their own writing, students will develop an increased confidence in using a variety of sentence starts and lengths, and begin using adventurous vocabulary and punctuation.  
ST2 Exam: (50 minutes)
20th Century Prose Reading

Application Task:
* Transactional/ Persuasive Writing (30 minutes)

Application Task:
* Extract Question (30 minutes)
7.  The Novel
Students will read, explore and analyse a modern novel. Whilst reading, they will show understanding of the writer's message and begin to focus on how language is used through completing a timeline, quizzes and transactional tasks, matching their writing to the audience and purpose. Students will use a range of vocabulary and sentence structures as well as accurate spelling and punctuation.  
Application Task:
* Creative Writing (45 minutes)
* Extract Question (30 minutes)  

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