English - Year 11

Year 11 students have 8 lessons per fortnight to study the Linear Eduqas English Language and Literature course.

In English Language, students will read and be assessed on high-quality, challenging texts from the 19th, 20th and 21st centuries, through structured questions. Students will be offered opportunities to write for a range of audiences and purposes, creating letters, articles, reviews, reports and speeches. They will also develop their creative writing skills.

In English Literature students will revise the set texts which were read in Year 10: 'A Christmas Carol'; 'Romeo and Juliet'; 'Blood Brothers'; the Eduqas poetry anthology and unseen modern poetry. Students must explore and analyse the context, plot, character, themes, style and structure.

English Language is: 100% exam, (Component 1: 1 hour 45 minutes; Component 2: 2 hours). (June of Year 11)
English Literature is: 100% exam (Component 1: 2 hours; Component 2: 2 hours 30 minutes). (May of Year 11)

Students are provided with all course books and reading texts for use in school. They will benefit from purchasing their own copies of: 'Romeo and Juliet' W Shakespeare; 'A Christmas Carol' C Dickens; 'Blood Brothers' W Russell and any related study guides for use at home.

Topic  Overview  Assessment 
English Language

20th Century Fiction and Creative Writing
(Term 1)

Component 1

A: Reading: 20th Century fiction
Students will read a selection of 20th century prose. Responses to questions will make critical judgements about the texts and its effects on the reader. Analysis will be focused on how particular words can create subtle effects and how tone is created.
Exam focus: 5 questions on an unseen extract of 20th Century fiction

B: Creative writing
Students will improve upon their skills of crafting a story based upon personal experience showing flair and originality whilst developing a believable plot, characters and ideas in detail. Students will fully control sentences to create particular effects, using the full range of punctuation accurately.
Exam focus: Write a story in response to 4 titles.

ST1 Exam
(1 hour, 45 minutes)
Reading: 20th Century fiction (1 hour);
creative writing (45 minutes)

November 2019  

English Literature

Blood Brothers
(Term 1)

A Christmas Carol
(Term 1)

Unseen Poetry
(Term 1)

Component 2: Section A

Students will revisit Russell's play 'Blood Brothers' and show assured understanding of key aspects of the text,whilst making sensitive and evaluative comments on the meanings and effects of stylistic features.
Exam focus: Source-based question

Component 2: Section B

Students will revise and analyse the19th century text: 'A Christmas Carol'. Students will show a perceptive understanding to the tasks, showing secure understanding of key aspects of the text. Responses will be supported and justified by well-chosen direct reference to the text. Students will also discuss and increasingly analyse the writer's use of language, form and structure, using apt subject terminology and considerable accuracy in their writing.
Exam focus: Source-based question

Component 2: Section C

Students will revise and analyse unseen poetry from the present day. Students will show perceptive understanding when considering the poems and will make assured references to the meanings and effects of stylistic features used by the writers, using apt subject terminology.
Exam focus: Comparison of 2 unseen poems  

ST1 Exam
(2 hours, 30 minutes)
Blood Brothers - Source based question
(45 minutes);
A Christmas Carol Source based question
(45 minutes);
Comparison of 2 unseen poems (1 hour)
November 2019  
English Language

Non-fiction and Transactional Writing
(Term 2)

Component 2

A: Reading: 19th and 21st Century non-fiction
Students will explore a range of non-fiction texts. Students will make focused, detailed and perceptive comments about a text, demonstrating analysis of how language can create effects. Students will make detailed comments about how structure can have an effect.
Exam focus: 6 questions on two unseen non-fiction texts.

B: Transactional writing
Students will also improve their persuasive writing skills, showing flair and originality when linking introductions and conclusions effectively and using details to make ideas more precise. Virtually all spelling will be correct and ambitious vocabulary will be used to create effects.
Exam focus: 2 Transactional writing tasks  

ST2 Exam
(2 hours)
Reading: 19th & 21st Century non-fiction: 6 questions (1 hour);
2 transactional writing tasks (1 hour)
February 2020  
English Literature

Romeo and Juliet
(Term 2)

Poetry Anthology
(Term 2)
Component 1: Section A: Romeo and Juliet:

Students will revise Shakespeare's play showing a sensitive and evaluative approach and secure understanding of key aspects of the text. Students will support and justify their responses making assured reference to meaning and effect, discussing and increasingly analysing Shakespeare's use of language, form and structure.
Exam focus: Extract and Essay

Component 1: Section B: Poetry Anthology
Students will show perceptive understanding when exploring and analysing poetry from 1789 to the present day. When considering the poems, students will make assured references to the meanings and effects of stylistic features used by the writers, using apt subject terminology.
Students will also show secure understanding of the relationships between the poems and the contexts in which they were written.
Exam focus: Comparison of two poems.  

ST2 Exam
(2 hours)
Romeo and Juliet: (extract and essay) (1 hour);
Comparison of 2 poems from the anthology (1 hour)

February 2020  
English Language and Literature

The Final Countdown
(Term 3)
All nine elements of English Language and English Literature will be interleaved, with classes rotating to a different element of the course each lesson. Students will revise knowledge and skills through a variety of revision and application tasks as part of a programme of final preparation for the examinations.  
GCSE Literature May 2020

GCSE Language June 2020  

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