Education for Life - Year 11

In Education for Life, students will be taught by their Learning Mentors (Form Tutors) for one lesson each week. During these lessons, students will cover topics based on the EFL themes as well as use their Learning and Skills Development Journals to reflect on their progress and set appropriate targets for improvement with the guidance of their Learning Mentors. Assessment tasks for each topic allow students to reflect on their progress throughout the year.

Topic  Overview  Assessment 
Post-16 Assemblies  
Students will be visited by a range of representatives from the local colleges, who will provide them with information about courses and the application process.
Students will evaluate the CEIAG information received in lessons and begin the post-16 application process.  
Slumdog Millionaire

Students will demonstrate understanding of a range of issues and themes within film 'Slumdog Millionaire', looking especially at a cultural study of India.

Citizenship Aim: understand human rights and international law.  
Students will write a film review, drawing on the issues explored.  
Staying Safe

Students will discuss the safety behind alcohol; smoking; relationships, sex; drugs and on the road.

Citizenship aim: the legal system in the UK, different sources of law and how the law helps society deal with complex problems.  
Students will be quizzed on their knowledge on a variety of topics about staying safe when they leave school.  
Voting System
Students will learn the different electoral systems used in and beyond the UK and actions citizens can take in democratic and electoral processes to influence decisions locally, nationally and beyond.

Citizenship aim: the key elements of the constitution of the United Kingdom, including the power of government, the role of citizens and Parliament in holding those in power to account.  
Register to vote. Students to understand Parliament, including voting and elections, and the role of political parties.  

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