Design & Technology - Year 7

In Year 7 all students have one double lesson of Design and Technology a fortnight and are taught in mixed ability groups. Students will be required to bring basic stationary equipment. They will be provided with a KS3 Design Book.
The aim of the year is to experience all the subject areas, learn what the materials' properties are and about the basic tools and equipment that enable us to shape and form these materials. A range of topics will be covered over the year, the majority of the learning will be practical "hands on" experience. All resources apart from food ingredients will be provided by the school, although a contribution towards these material costs may be asked for when students take their products home.

In the Summer term all students will sit a formal exam to test their knowledge in all 3 areas.
Year 7 Revision Sheet 

Topic  Overview  Assessment 
Materials Technology 
The theme of "Animals" will be used as the basis of this project. Students will experience the design process and learn to use tools and equipment in the workshop safely, to make an Animal Sculpture of their own design. The materials they use will be Pine and Acrylic. 
Students' ability to be creative and imaginative when designing ideas will be assessed through their sketching and modelling techniques. They will also be assessed on their safe use of workshop tools and equipment in the making of an Animal Sculpture. The final sculpture will be assessed on completion. 
Students learn the basic skills of using the machinery and equipment in the Textiles area. They then use Computer Aided Design and the heat press to help them produce a new style pencil case to be proud of.
Students' skills are assessed as they develop during practical's. The pencil case is assessed on completion.  
After learning how to work safely and hygienically in the Food room, students produce various products using the skills they have learnt. Products produced include: Fruit Salad, Soup, Oat Crunchie Biscuits, Apple Crumble, and Naan bread. Students will be required to bring their own ingredients.
Food Safety Warning Letter  
Food ingredients*  
Students' skills are assessed as they develop during practicals. 

*If finance is a barrier preventing students from supplying their own ingredients, please contact the school who will arrange for them to be provided. 

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