Design & Technology - Year 11

AQA GCSE Design and Technology specification number 8552
50% Written Exam 50% NEA

GCSE Design and Technology is a brand new GCSE taught from September 2017. It follows a total multi-media approach. Students use creativity, designing in any material or a combination of materials. It focuses strongly on designing to meet specific needs, an iterative design approach is encouraged. Consideration for both the consumer and the environment are key concerns throughout the design process. During the NEA (Non Exam Assessment) designs will be developed, prototyped and evaluated. Students will follow the course for 5 hours over a fortnight. The focus of Year 11 will be the NEA Task in the autumn term for 4 out of the 5 lessons. The single lesson continuing on the theoretical learning for the examination. Later in the spring term the focus will be on the examination. Equipment required will be basic stationary items, a revision guide.

Topic  Overview  Assessment 
The NEA Task is worth 50% of the final GCSE. Students choose a context to work in from a list given by the examining board, this allows students to select the best project for them personally, one that inspires them and allows them to show their favourite and most successful skills. An prototype is produced to solve the problem based around a chosen context and a portfolio is produced to back up the iterative design process.
The Controlled Assessment Task is internally marked and moderated by the examination board.  
Theory of Product Design and Examination Preparation 
Students will build on the theory lessons in Year 10 to further develop their knowledge and understanding of the wider subject.
Students will be able to answer questions in the examination about paper, card, plastics, timber or textiles. Students will be asked to show their knowledge of Smart Materials, Design Methodology, Evolution of Product Design, Human factors, Ethical, Environmental and Sustainability Issues, Consumer issues, Safety, Industrial and Commercial Practice, etc.
In Examination of 2020  

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