Design & Technology - Year 10

AQA GCSE Design and Technology specification number 8552
50% Written Exam 50% NEA

GCSE Design and Technology is a brand new GCSE taught from September 2017. It follows a total multi-media approach. Students use creativity, designing in any material or a combination of materials. It focuses strongly on designing to meet specific needs, an iterative design approach is encouraged. Consideration for both the consumer and the environment are key concerns throughout the design process. During the NEA ( Non Exam Assessment) designs will be developed, prototyped and evaluated. Students will follow the course for 5 hours over a fortnight. Through Year 10 students will work on both their theoretical knowledge towards the examination and their knowledge and skills, working with their chosen material(s).

Equipment required will be basic stationary items, pencil crayons, a revision guide, A3 portfolio, plus other materials for different topics (many items can be purchased through school).

Topic  Overview  Assessment 
Material Structures and Mechanisms 
Students will learn what structures are and why we are so reliant on them. Why we choose certain materials to solve tasks and the forces they can withstand. How mechanisms are used in products to help humans. They will construct and test to destruction! A product to enable them to build, to a plan, test and evaluate their success in using simple materials. Learning vital constructional lessons which relate to all material areas.
Peer assessment at stages throughout construction. Teacher assessment to GCSE criteria.  
Skill Development 
Students will design and make a product with creativity and originality, using a range of materials and techniques. Building on their previous experiences in their chosen material. Good practice allows students to design and make quality products. An awareness of the need to consider sustainability and the environmental, and the socio-economic impact of their design is also required.
Peer assessment at stages throughout development. Teacher assessment to GCSE criteria.  
Materials Knowledge 
Students will be encouraged to develop both their knowledge and skills with at least one material to a high level. They will learn about processes, techniques and constructing both by hand, machine and by Computer Aided Manufacture, with the material inside school and how it is worked on an industrial scale.  
Peer, self and teacher assessment  
Theory Lessons 
Two lessons per fortnight is dedicated to theory. This covers a wide range of topics with a clear focus on answering examination style questions.  
Assessed in mock exam style questions. Trial examinations and final examination.  
Non Exam Assessment 
The contextual challenges for examination in 2020 will be released on 1st June 2019. This will allow students to study the challenges set by the examination board and write their own brief, from which they will design and prototype their solution in the autumn term of 2019.  
The Non Examination task is internally marked and moderated by the examination board.  

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