Food Preparation & Nutrition - Year 10

AQA FOOD PREPARATION AND NUTRITION specification number 8585
50% Non-Exam Assessment, 50% Written Exam.

The Food Preparation and Nutrition GCSE course has been designed for students who are interested in Food making, tasting, developing and investigating it. Students will develop a greater understanding of nutrition, food provenance and the working characteristics of food, they will master culinary skills and appreciate the science behind food and cooking. The course will build on the many skills learnt during Key Stage 3. Equipment required will be basic stationary items, students will be required to provide the majority of the ingredients.*

Topic  Overview  Assessment 
Skill Development  
During Year 10 students follow a course gaining as many food preparation skills as possible. The twelve practical skills will be covered through a mixture of practical and investigation lessons:
General practical skills: accurate measurement of liquids and solids and use of a temperature probe
Knife skills: including peel, slice, dice, batons, julienne fillet a fish and portion a chicken.
Preparing fruit and vegetables: including blanching, piping, blending and preparing garnishes.
Use of the cooker: including baking, roasting, casseroles and/or tagines, braising.
Use of equipment: including a blender, food processor, mixer, pasta machine, microwave oven.
Cooking methods: including steaming, dry frying, shallow frying, stir frying
Prepare, combine and shape
Sauce making: starch based, reduction and emulsions
Tenderise and marinate
Dough: bread, pastry, pasta
Raising agents: Eggs as a raising agent, chemical raising agents, steam as a raising agent, biological raising agents
Setting mixtures

For a double lesson each week the students will develop their food knowledge and practical skills.

Practicals will be assessed and will form a basis for the student tracking and assessment.

In preparation for the NEA tasks in Year 11, students will complete trial practical investigations and practicals.

Theory Lessons  
One lesson per fortnight is dedicated to theory. This covers a wide range of topics with a clear focus on answering examination style questions. Topics to be covered include nutrition and health, food science, food safety, food choice and food provenance.

Assessed in trial exam style questions. Trial examinations and final examination.  

*If finance is a barrier preventing students from supplying their own ingredients, please contact the school who will arrange for them to be provided. 

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