Design and Technology aims to enable students to develop their thinking skills and their practical skills, through problem solving in a range of materials. They learn to use a wide range of hand and machine tools and produce quality products to be proud of.
Design and Technology involves a distinctive creative process that combines intellectual with practical skills through purposeful activities. Students will use a range of communication skills, including: verbal, graphical and modelling skills, to help their thinking and ability to take action in the process of designing. Students will learn through a range of learning styles over the years. The majority of the learning is through practical activity. Design and Technology provides excellent opportunities for teamwork.
Design and Technology is such that it provides opportunities for students to engage in activities that are challenging, relevant and motivating, giving students enjoyment, satisfaction and a sense of purpose, enabling them to feel they can play a constructive role in a technological society.

Design & Technology Department
Miss C Whitfield - Learning Leader
Mrs J Barber - Second in Department
Miss H Fullwood

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