Creative Computing & Media - Year 8

In Creative Computing and Media Year 8 students have three lessons a fortnight. They have opportunities to In develop and expand their use of common software programmes and develop multi-media skills. Computer Science is developed. All essential equipment is provided but a flash drive and headphones are useful. Students will use Desktop PCs, Cameras and Filmmaking equipment and use of the industry standard recording studio.

Overview of the year:

  • Number of lessons a fortnight: 3
  • Equipment required: all essential equipment is provided but a flash drive and headphones are useful.
  • Equipment/facilities/resources provided: All required hardware and software including use of our industry standard recording studio.
  • Number of topics: 5
  • Type of assessment tasks: Multi-media products, Digital Images, Animation Sequences, Code and Logs.

Topic  Overview  Assessment 
Games Design 
Students will develop concept art for a game and then learn to code it in Flash. They will be using subprograms in an object orientated programming environment; this unit builds on their understanding of sequencing and selection, learnt whilst using Python, in another language. They will learn to create digital assets for the game and will test, de bug and evaluate their production.  
Game Development
Exam (Online and Paper Based)
Web Products 
Students will develop and refine an appropriate user interface, using web authoring software, which incorporates interactive and house-style features. They will also be given opportunity to experiment with a variety of tools and techniques for creating and editing vector and bitmap images that will be showcased on the website.

Exam (Online and Paper Based)  
Students will learn a higher level programming language. Arithmetic operators and their purpose will be examined with students using this to develop and code their algorithms. They will be learning to spot errors in their code and how to locate and fix them.  
Python software and debugging logs.
Exam (Online and Paper Based)  
Lasting Learning 
Students will expand their ability to design, write and debug programs using a high-level programming language. Sessions will also focus on the development and application of media skills such as research, stylistic codes and technical skills.  
Tests (Online and Paper Based)  

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