Creative Computing & Media (BTEC Media) - Year 11

Overview of the year:

  • Exam Board and specification : Edexcel BTEC Level 2 Creative Digital Media Production
  • 1 Hour Exam, and three production based coursework units
  • Number of lessons a fortnight: 5
  • Equipment required: Dependant on the Units chosen
  • Equipment/facilities/resources provided: Desktop PCs, Cameras and Filmmaking equipment and use of the industry standard recording studio
  • Number of topics: 3
  • Type of assessment tasks: Portfolio of student work, verbal communication and presentation, formal exam.

Topic  Overview  Assessment 
Unit 1 / Digital Media Sectors and Audiences 
This is an externally assessed unit exploring the different media sectors and products they produce. Students will be developing their understanding of this unit throughout the two years of the course. They will learn about the media industry and how it is structured; audience theories; representation and the language of media.  
Unit 2 / Planning and Pitching a Digital Media Product  
In this unit, students will use their verbal, written and visual communication skills to enable them to formulate, develop and pitch ideas for a product, which they plan to produce. Students will be required to give presentation and their use of persuasive techniques as well as delivery will be assessed. This unit leads into the Digital Moving Image Unit as students will produce the idea they planned for the next unit.  

Unit 3 / Digital Moving Image 
Students will plan a film production, produce it and evaluate their results. A range of video production equipment and software will be used to complete the production. Students will be expected to deconstruct a range of media texts using technical media language. These will be factual, fictional and promotional text deconstructed through their use of semiotics, mise en scene and stylistic codes.  

Unit 3 / Digital Games Production 
Students will plan, design, test and develop a video game for a specific audience. Students will develop knowledge of a range of gaming platforms and devices looking at the technical capabilities of different machines as well as the development of gaming as an industry over time. They will develop concept art and plan an app with interactive features.  
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