In Creative Computing and Media students develop and expand their use of computers and the internet to store, access and organise information. Students will also develop multi-media skills including: presentation software and web design; video production and editing; image manipulation and animation, all using the Adobe Creative Suite. Computer Science is introduced looking at: Networks, Control, Binary and Python. Students make informed choices and decisions regarding the selection of the appropriate software packages and hardware devices, to solve real life problems. Students will have the opportunity to work independently, in groups and use a range of interactive resources to help them progress.

Creative Computing & Media Department
Mr A Cripps - Learning Leader
Mr G Valiant - Second in Department
Mr J Tomlin

KS3        KS4  KS4 
Year 7        Year 10 Computer Science  Year 11 Computer Science 
Year 8         Year 10 BTEC Digital I.T.  YEAR 11 ICT GCSE 
Year 9        Year 10 BTEC NEW MEDIA  YEAR 11 BTEC MEDIA