Art & Design - Year 9

During Year 9 students will again have two lessons over a two week timetable and will work for the most part on paper. They will also work in both two and three dimensions - predominantly of their own choosing. Independent learning is encouraged, this will give students the opportunity to work in their own chosen media and give them the choice of which direction they want their work to develop in. Students will continue to develop all of the basic skills learned in both Years 7 and 8.
Students will be introduced to the work of many different artists but teachers, classes and students will select an appropriate artist for a particular project. Equipment required to complete class or extension work can be obtained from any Art room.
During Year 9 students will continue to evaluate and assess their own work and the work of others through teacher led group discussions. Self, peer, group and teacher assessment is recorded in Key Stage 3 assessment booklets, however, this will now be against the new GCSE criteria.
Throughout every project students will continue to develop their observation drawing skills. They use the skills they have learned in Years 7 and 8 and put them into practice. They complete a series of observational drawings using a range of media. This work equips students with the skills they need to continue to develop in Key Stage 4. Observational drawing is encouraged through every project.

Topic  Overview  Assessment 
Identity Board/Box
Creating an identity Board/Box which incorporates lots of different ideas. The finished item should represent themselves.
Ideas - About you, collect images of favourite bands, favourite food/drink, favourite colour, favourite holiday. Images of your friends and family and your name.
School, timetable, photographs of the school or a day in the life, places visited, objects, conversations you have.
Bucket list - be inventive.
Poems, lyrics, photos, a painting, a story etc.  
Informal assessment is ongoing through all units of work. Self, peer and teacher assessment happens every lesson via verbal communication. At the end of the unit of work students use assessment sheets to record their achievements. They use the GCSE AQA marking criteria to do this. WWW and EBI comments are also on the assessment sheets. Self, peer and group assessment is still an invaluable part of the course and by the time students study GCSE it is second nature to them.  
African/Carnival Mask or Sugar Skull
Research African/ Carnival Mask or Sugar Skulls and creating four initial ideas. Refining ideas to make a final, detailed A4 design.
Select either 2D or 3D make a 2D drawing of a mask and complete it using mixed media. Focus is on developing blending and shading skills. At least 3 medias are to be used.
3D using cardboard construction techniques make the designed mask and decorate. Focus is on developing 3D skills and application of materials.  
Artist project
Find images of an artist of your choice. From those images create your own artist inspired design on an A4 piece of paper. Blow up to A3 and complete in which ever media you choose. Chose a media you have begun to be proficient in. 
Observational Drawing
In addition, students who have opted for Art will start a drawing practice unit of work. Looking at line, size and scale, accuracy and detail.

One formal drawing is carried out every term.  

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