Art & Design - Year 8

During Year 8 students will again have two lessons over a two week timetable and will continue to work in a sketchbook and on paper. They will again work in both two and three dimensions. Students will develop all of the basic skills that have been taught in Year 7 and also look at construction, design and layout skills, perspective & collage. Students will develop what they have learned with regards to colour, they will also use different media than they used in Year 7. Students will continue to be introduced to different Artists. Students will be encouraged to work from direct observation and encouraged to use their imagination and creativity when producing their work. Independent learning is encouraged. Equipment required to complete class or extension work can be obtained from any Art room.
During Year 8 students will continue to evaluate and assess their own work and the work of others through teacher led group discussions. Self, peer, group and teacher assessment is recorded in Key Stage 3 assessment booklets.
Students will continue to develop their observation drawing skills and will continue to carry out homework tasks. They will then have the opportunity to improve and develop these skills.

Topic  Overview  Assessment 
Burgerman Critical studies & 3D character  
Create a critical studies page based on Jon Burgerman's characters. The page will include; images, information and drawings. Designing characters, refining ideas and creating a final character design. Learn how to construct a 3D character shape from cardboard and newspaper. Add details, accessories and facial features.  
Informal assessment is ongoing throughout all units of work. Self, peer and teacher assessment happens every lesson via verbal communication. Throughout the unit of work students will continually be looking at how they can improve their work and will be using, EBI/WWW sheets. At the end of the unit of work students use assessment books to record their achievements and thoughts about the unit of work. Self, peer and group assessment is an invaluable part of the Art and Design course.  
Hundertwasser Acrylic or water colour painting  
Find images of Hundertwasser's paintings. Create an A4 line drawing inspired by the collected images. Continue to develop blending and shading skills that have been previously used. Experiment with paint, both water colour or acrylic, they are both a very different skill.  
Bar code imaginative drawing  
Create an A4 page which includes collaged images of 'wacky bar codes.' Design and draw imaginative barcode designs. Refine ideas and produce a final idea.  
Pam Langdon Book sculptures  
Create a critical studies page based on Pam Langdon's sculptures. The page will include images and drawings. Create a sculpture made from a book using as many different sizes of cylindrical shapes as possible.

One formal drawing is carried out every term.  

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