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AQA Art and Design

Students will continue to have five lessons over the two week timetable and they will continue to develop their work using the skills they have acquired over the past four years. They will be encouraged to attend regular after school sessions where help and advice can be given on their work. They will also be encouraged to carry out regular photo shoots to help them to continue to develop their skills. Students will still be expected to annotate all the work that they produce.
A mock controlled test forms part of the coursework and this will be carried out at the beginning of Year 11. This will allow students to experience a question paper and help them to prepare for the actual GCSE exam.
The exam carries a 40% weighting towards the final mark and the paper will be given to students in January. During March and April students will carry out a 10 hour practical piece of work under exam conditions.

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Mock Exam preparation period including 10 hour mock exam
The mock exam is designed to mirror the 40% GCSE exam. Mock exam questions are taken from past GCSE exam papers. The mock exam consists of preparation time during lessons and homework and a 10 hour timed piece of work. This mock exam work will become part of a portfolio of work which is worth 60% of the overall GCSE grade. 
Informal assessment is ongoing throughout all units of work. Self, peer and teacher assessment happens every lesson via verbal communication. At the end of the unit of work students use assessment sheets to record their achievements. They use the GCSE AQA marking criteria to do this. WWW and EBI comments are also on the assessment sheets. Self, peer and group assessment is still an invaluable part of the course and by the time students study GCSE it is second nature to them.  
GCSE Exam preparation period including 10 hour exam. This is worth 40% of the overall GCSE grade.
GCSE exam paper given out. The exam consists of preparation time during lessons and homework and a 10 hour timed piece of work. Students need to play to their strengths when choosing a question. This should be the best work completed to date.  

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