Art & Design - Year 10

AQA Art and Design

Art and Design is a broad based course. It offers students experience in a wide variety of Art and Design activities such as drawing and painting, graphic design, photography, ICT, sculpture, design based construction, printmaking, mixed media, collage and textile design. The course allows students to use their imagination and be creative. Students will also look at aspects of Art history and Artists relevant to their practical work. There is no extended writing required but students will be expected to annotate all the work that they produce.

Students will have five lessons over a two week timetable. There are no tiers of entry, therefore, all grades are available to all students based upon individual attainment throughout the course. Coursework accounts for 60% of the total mark and students will be required to produce a portfolio of work during the two year course. Equipment required to complete class or extension work can be obtained from any Art room. Students will be encouraged to attend regular after school sessions where help and advice can be given on their work.

Topic  Overview  Assessment 
Observational Drawing and experimentation of media
Look at line, size and scale, accuracy and detail. Perfect the 'sizing up' skill.
Each one of the drawings will be completed in a different media. Pencil, colour pencil, biro, colour pen, oil pastel, water colour and acrylic paint.  
Informal assessment is ongoing throughout all units of work. Self, peer and teacher assessment happens every lesson via verbal communication. At the end of the unit of work students use assessment sheets to record their achievements. They use the GCSE AQA marking criteria to do this. WWW and EBI comments are also on the assessment sheets. Self, peer and group assessment is still an invaluable part of the course and by the time students study GCSE it is second nature to them.  
Alexander McQueen design sheet and 3D paper manipulation clothing.
Look at the work of Alexander McQueen, in particular his clothing. Create a design sheet incorporating paper manipulation and sketches. Learning how to create a piece of clothing based on Alexander McQueen using paper manipulation ideas to help and inspire.  
Artist project research and 3D letters. 
Find images of an artist of your choice. From those images create your own artist inspired design. Enlarge to A2 and complete in chosen media. Construct the 3D letters from cardboard, paper maché using the Artist's work.
Give out the mock exam paper for research over the summer.  

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