Consultation Day

Consultation Day is held once per year (usually February) and is an essential opportunity to meet with your child’s tutor to consult about your child’s current progress and even more importantly to plan how your child can do even better in the second half of the year.

Before the meeting parents/carers will receive their child’s Progress Report indicating the progress he/she is making against his/her targets together with information about attendance.  This report is vital to the meeting as students, parents and tutors reflect on the first half of the year and then plan how to make even better progress in the second.  With this in mind, before the meeting your child will work with his/her tutor to produce three draft action points for doing even better.  At the meeting these targets will be discussed and agreed or modified so that what emerges from the meeting are three agreed action points for improvement. There will also be the opportunity to recognise other areas of your child’s achievement, perhaps in sport or music or community service.


Students together with parents/carers will meet with their form tutor to consider:

  • Progress in the first half of the year

Students will receive their progress report before the meeting and so they will know exactly how they are doing.  Subject teachers will give brief focused guidance on what students need to do to improve. 

Students need to think about their advice and also what they know about students attendance, organisation, effort and behaviour in each subject.

  • Students successes

Students will have the chance to share with their parents/carers and tutor things they are proud to have achieved this year – in class, out of lessons, out of school.

  • Students action points to help them to do even better in the second half of the year

Students will review their targets with their tutor next term to see if they are working so that their learning is improving.

On Consultation Day Students need to:-

  •  check the time of their Consultation Day appointment.
  • attend their appointment with parents/carers in full school uniform.
  • ensure they bring to their appointment:
    a) copy of their draft action points in their diary/planner
    b) progress report
    c) a pen
  • arrive at least five minutes before their appointment.

Please Note:

Parents are encouraged to contact subject teachers at any time during the school year to resolve any concerns as soon as they arise