Careers Education

Working within the framework of 'The "Gatsby Benchmarks', the Careers Programme has been designed with the focus on preparing students for life-long employment. At the Academy we aim to guide our students and inform them of the opportunities and careers available to them. They will only be at The County High School for 5 years, but the choices they make at the end of their time here will affect their next 50 years of work.

In Key Stage 3, students will learn about different job sectors, looking at both local and national employment trends and Labour Market information. They will begin to understand the differences in Soft and Hard Skills, linking their learning in lessons to potential future Careers.

Year 7 is focused on introducing 'Soft Skills for Employability' and encouraging students to learn about the wide variety of jobs available in different sectors. It will finish with a 'Careers Carousel', where students spend a day off timetable, hearing from different industries about the jobs and opportunities available to them.

In Year 8 students will have the opportunity to visit the National Big Bang Science Fair, as they focus on connecting their classroom learning with careers in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM). An important sector of our local economy.

As Year 9 begin to make their Electives choices, they will have the opportunity to take part in a 'Meet the Professionals Day', meeting employers to discover the qualifications needed to progress in their careers. They will also be taught how to write a CV and cover letter supported by our qualified Careers Advisor. At the end of the year, they will visit a local sixth form college to gain insight into Post-16 progression pathways and be inspired and motivated to plan for the future, as their GCSEs begin.

During Year 10, all students will go on a Work Place Experience Visit to a local employer. During the day, they will learn more about the host company and get first-hand experience of a working environment. They will also learn about various graduate and apprenticeship routes into employment. They will learn the importance of not just grades but interview skills in achieving their dream career and take part in a Mock Interview Day with employers. They will finish the year by visiting Cheshire College - South & West (in Crewe), to see the range of opportunities available to them.

At the start of their final year, all students attend presentations by our partner colleges, about the various courses they offer. By the time they are ready to apply for their Post-16 courses, every student will have met with our qualified careers advisor and received individual feedback that can be accessed by both themselves and their parents.

Mr M Kinder: Learning Leader: Careers


Post 16 Destinations

Sir John Deane's College

Warrington & Vale Royal College

Cheshire College South & West

Reaseheath College

Useful Websites

National Careers Service

MPLOY Solutions



Careers Box



Step into the NHS

Tomorrow's Engineers


Example application form

How to complete an application form

CV Template


Preparing for Further Education/Careers Timeline

Year 9 EfL Careers Education Lessons with visits from the Careers Advisor
Year 11 GCSE Information Evening
Year 11 EfL Post-16 Destination Assemblies
Years 9-11 Careers Fair

Year 11 EfL Post-16 Destination Assemblies

Year 8 EfL Lessons: Introduction to Careers Education
Year 11 On-going Careers Interviews with Careers Advisor

Year 11 On-going Careers Interviews with Careers Advisor
Publication of Predicted Year 11 Grades
Year 11 Internal Application Deadline

Year 9 Electives Evening
Year 10 EfL Lessons: Mock Interview Preparation Lessons
Consultation Day

Year 10 EfL Lessons: Mock Interview Preparation Lessons

Year 9 Electives Interviews
Year 9 Electives Evening
Year 10 Mock Interview Day

Year 10 Careers Education Lessons - preparation for Post-16 Applications
Year 10 On-going Careers Interviews with Careers Advisor

GCSE Exams
Year 10 On-going Careers Interviews with Careers Advisor

GCSE Exams
Year 10 EfL Lessons: Careers Education

Year 9 EfL Day - Post-16 Destinations Visit

GCSE Results