The County High School, Leftwich is a Converter Academy for admission Years 7-11. The current Published Admission Number (PAN) is 195 per year group.

For year 7 allocation, the local authority, Cheshire West and Chester co-ordinate the process.
(31st October 2020 is the closting date for applications to be returned to Cheshire West and Chester).

Timetable for Cheshire West Secondary transfer.

The authority advises parents whether their application has been successful and informs unsuccessful applicants of their right to appeal on 1st March 2021. Unsuccessful applicants will have 20 days from the date of refusal, (29th March 2021) to lodge a written appeal. Appeals will be heard within 40 school days (17th June 2021) of the deadline for lodging appeals.

If an application is unsuccessful and you wish to Appeal you can contact us at or contact 01606 333319 for an Appeals form.

For In-Year applications please contact us directly by email or telephone 01606 333319 for general information or apply to the school using the attached application form. Waiting lists will be kept in criteria order as described in the Academy's Admissions Policy.

Our determined Admissions Policy can be found below.