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InTouch Communications

The Academy places great importance upon the value of partnership-working, our most significant partners being parents and carers. We thus strive to provide high quality information to parents/carers and make accessing this information as straight forward as possible. We believe that keeping you informed and up-to-date with your child's progress helps you to support your child's learning. Our website remains the main point of information. During 2019-20 we will be forwarding important information via the InTouch Communication system.
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To enable parents / carers to ensure they are receiving the correct InTouch Communications we will maintain a log of communications sent out. Please see the table below. If you feel you have not received a communication, please don't hesitate to contact us

Date of Letter  Letter  Notes

13th November 2019


Year 7 Targets



12th November 2019


Year 10 ST1 Exam Timetable



12th November 2019


Year 8 ST1 Exam Timetable and Guidance



12th November 2019


Year 7 ST1 Exam Timetable and Guidance



11th November 2019


October 2019 Newsletter



5th November 2019


Parent Governor Vacancy Details



5th November 2019


Year 10 Behaviour and Attendance Summary



23rd October 2019


Year 8 Behaviour and Attendance Summary



22nd October 2019


Year 7 Behaviour and Attendance Summary



21st October 2019


Year 11 Behaviour and Attendance Summary



15th October 2019


Year 8 Targets



14th October 2019


Year 9 Targets



27th September 2019


September 2019 Newsletter



18th September 2019


Year 11 Information Evening Letter


Year 11 Information Evening is being held on Wednesday 9th October at 6.30pm


13th September 2019


Autumn Term Enrichment


13th September 2019


Locker Letter


3rd September 2019


September Letter


3rd September 2019 

Year 11 Maths Booklet 

Please bring completed maths booklet to your first maths lesson. 

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